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Marina Mascarell, Artistic Director, Dansk Danseteater (Denmark)

Mira Helenius Martinsson, Artistic Director, Skånes Dansteater (Sweden)

Annabelle Bonnéry, Artistic Director, Carte Blanche (Norway) 

Valentina Marini, Director, Orbita|Spellbound National Prodution Center for Dance (Italy)

Isabelle Bischof, Artistic Director, Bern Ballett (Switzerland) 


First Place: 30.000 DKK

Second Place: 20.000 DKK

Third Place: 10.000 DKK

Best Performer Award: 5.000 DKK

Audience Award: 3.000 DKK

Collaboration Awards

"Skånes Dansteater Collaboration Award”

An individually tailored award, inviting the recipient to engage with Skånes Dansteater

“Dansk Danseteater Residency”

An individually tailored residency, inviting the recipient to work with the dancers of DDT for research and experimentation purposes.

“Orbita|Spellbound - programming Prize”

The recipient is awarded the opportunity to present their own work
among the Orbita Dance season 2023-24 in Rome

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