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Wednesday, June 28th: Participant’s arrival in Copenhagen.

Thursday, June 29th: Stage rehearsals for first half of the finalists.

Friday, June 30th: Stage rehearsals for second half of the finalists and Choreography Competition 2023.

Saturday, July 1st: Gala Performance

Sunday, July 2nd: Departure


The Choreography Competition and Gala performance will be held before a live audience, including a jury comprised of invited members of the dance world.

All participants involved should be available for both performing days.



CICC will provide accommodation for all participating dancers and choreographers from Wednesday, June 28th to Sunday, July 2nd, 2023.


PLEASE NOTE: CICC does not cover travel expenses.


Technical Arrangements


All participants will be allowed 1 hour on stage for lighting arrangements and rehearsal. Please be advised that technical capabilities will be limited.

Required props or sets are the responsibility of the contestant.

CICC will provide sound and technical assistance, as well as a lighting designer.

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