Wednesday, July 8th: Participant’s arrival in Copenhagen.

Thursday, July 9th: Stage rehearsals for first half of the finalists.

Friday, July 10th: Stage rehearsals for second half of the finalists and Choreography Competition 2020.

Saturday, July 11th: Gala Performance

Sunday, July 12th: Departure


The Choreography Competition will be held before a live audience, including a jury comprised of invited members of the dance world.


Winning pieces will be announced after the Choreography Competition on Friday, July 10th 2020. 


Winning pieces will also be presented on Saturday, July 11th 2020 in a Gala performance held in their honor.

Those involved in the event should be available for both performing days.


First Place for Choreography: 30.000 DKK

Second Place for Choreography: 20.000 DKK

Third Place for Choreography: 10.000 DKK

Outstanding Performer Award: 5.000 DKK

Audience Award: 5.000 DKK

Production Awards: TBA



CICC will provide accommodation for all participating dancers and choreographers from Wednesday, July 8th to Sunday, July 12th 2020.


PLEASE NOTE: CICC does not cover travel expenses.


Technical Arrangements


All participants will be allowed 1 hour on stage for lighting arrangements and rehearsal. Please be advised that technical capabilities will be limited.

Required props or sets are the responsibility of the contestant.

CICC will provide sound and technical assistance, as well as a lighting designer.

Previous jury members include:


Catherine Allard (Artistic Director, IT Dansa, Spain)

Frank Andersen (Former Artistic Director, Royal Danish Ballet)

Adolphe Binder (Artistic Director, Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, Germany)

Annabelle Bonnéry (Artistic Director, Carte Blanche, Norway) 

Marie Brolin-Tani (Artistic Director, Black Box Dance Company, Denmark)

Caroline Finn (Former Artistic Director, National Dance Company Wales)

Cher Geurtze (Artistic Director, Dansekapellet, Denmark)

Romain Guion  (LUCKY TRIMMER Festival, Germany)

Kenneth Greve (Former Artistic Director, Finnish National Ballet) 

Bruno Heynderickx (Curator and deputy ballet director, Hessian State Ballet, Germany)

Nikolaj Hübbe (Artistic Director, Royal Danish Ballet)

Efva Lilja (Former Director, Dansehallerne, Denmark)

Valentina Marini (Director, Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, Italy)

José Martinez (Artistic Director, Compania Nacional de Danza, Spain)

Mira Helenius Martinsson (Artistic Director, Skånes Dansteater, Sweden)

Tim Matiakis (Artistic Director, CORPUS, Denmark)

Kathleen McNurney (Artistic Director, Tanz Luzerner Theater, Switzerland)

Marcos Morau (Artistic Director, La Veronal, Spain)

Krzysztof Pastor (Artistic Director, National Ballet of Poland)

Tim Rushton (Former Artistic Director, Dansk Danseteater, Denmark)

Mattia Russo (Co-Artistic Director, KOR’SIA, Italy)

Adi Salant (Former associate Artistic Director, Batsheva Dance Company, Israel)

Gabriel Smeets (Artistic Director, Cullberg Ballet, Sweden)

Åsa Söderberg (Former Artistic Director, Skånes Dansteater, Sweden)

Darrel Toulon (Former Artistic Director, Oper Graz Tanzkompanie, Austria)

Po-Cheng Tsai (Artistic Director, B.DANCE, Taiwan)

Christian Watty (Associate Director, Dusseldorf International Tanzmesse, Germany)

Johannes Öhman (Artistic Director, Staatsballet Berlin, Germany)





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